Hey! We’re H3RIZON and we’re a rising girl group from Sydney, Australia. With all three of us hailing from different musical backgrounds – Tay an RnB vocalist, Gabby’s classical music experience, and Bernie’s production expertise, we love to combine all of our elements in the songs we create. And most importantly, we LOVE harmonies!!


10 items on your fantasy rider and why you’ve chosen each one (please be as wild as you like!)


  1. A good supply of food – in the form of a personal sushi chef, because we all eat wayyy too much sushi, and a self-serve boba machine! if such ever exists (and if it doesn’t… just make sure when we get on tour this is available pretty please)
  2. Big glam stations filled with hair and makeup items from every brand… Yes, it’s essential.
  3. A closet filled with matching outfits that we can choose from like Cher in Clueless, plus a few pieces from designer brands 😉 Tay actually got to wear a Versace dress in our SERIOUS music video! We were all so jealous and so cautious around her because we didn’t wanna ruin it.
  4. A nice sleek baby grand piano for Gabby because she’ll get onto it and start playing straight away.
  5. A Studio BUS – with all the best audio and mixing equipment for Bernie – the bus comes with us everywhere we’re performing and travelling.
  6. A built-in cinema INSIDE the studio bus that we can wind down in and relax… but save the scary movies for Bernie and Tay because Gabby can never watch those.
  7. A selection of crystals, essences, books and mind power because we love to manifest ANYTHING
  8. A bottle of BEYONCÉ (not the perfume LOL), if someone could just bottle her up, we could have her whenever we want her, we’d RUN the WORLD 😉
  9. The most luxurious beds and toys for our doggos – Loki, Prince and Bailey. They deserve only the best since they’re H3rizon’s lil mascots!
  10. Holograms of us during our concerts because that would be sooo cool! We’d send them to our friends, our family and our fans who aren’t with us so that they can watch anywhere and anytime as if they were there.


Our newest single SERIOUS is out! Stream it on your fav music streaming platform, and check out the SERIOUS MUSIC VIDEO!! You can find us @ h3rizonmusic on all social media platforms and through our website www.h3rizonmusic.com


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