Helen Shanahan is a Perth based singer/songwriter who sings heartfelt folk-pop. Helen has sung alongside the likes of Missy Higgins, Passenger and Tim Minchin – and her songs frequent the popular Australian shows Home and Away and Neighbors. She is set to release her sophomore album ‘Canvas’ on March 4, recorded remotely in Nashville with producer Brad Jones (Bob Evans, Melody Pool).

My Dream Rider

  1. I am probably the most G rated musician, so can I please say a teapot of throat coat tea and honey?? I am a tea addict, and always love to have it on hand before/during/after performing
  2. To counteract the last item, I would also love 1 whisky on the rocks to have after the show/tea
  3. I feel bad requesting so many things…can I please have a masseuse? I have a lot of tension in my neck
  4. Daniel Radcliffe to recite Harry Potter to me before I go on stage – that would calm my nerves
  5. A spa – it would be nice to sit in it for a while to relax before the gig
  6. A silk robe and some fluffy slippers to don after the spa
  7. A leatherbound journal and fountain pen to jot down the set list and talking points
  8. A professional vocal coach (could ask Beyonce) to help me warm up my voice before the show
  9. A professional hair and make up artist so I don’t have to try and apply it myself with my 1 year old trying to apply my mascara
  10. A guitar tech (I’m thinking John Mayer) to restring my guitar and also lend me one of his perhaps – thank you!

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