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We’re kinda small time over here in Perth and we’re all pretty used to getting what we’re given, if anything. But seeing as you asked, 27 Magazine seem like the kinda people who could make this happen!

Homestate’s Dream Rider

  1. Birthday cake. It’s always someone’s birthday, how cool would it be to ask the crowd if it was anyone’s birthday and then get them up on stage to blow out some candles mid-set! Day made.

  2. A sushi train. It’s the perfect pre show way to carb load.

  3. This one is gonna be kinda generic but we love animals. So whether it be a pair of dopey Labs, a cheeky lil Whippet or a group of friendly Dachshunds, some quality time with a pup is the best medicine for whatever we might be dealing with before any given show.

  4. James Earl Jones on retainer to whisper soothing words through our in-ears prior going on stage. Need we say more?

  5. Michael Cera and Justin Long versing each other on Golden Eye at every show… slappers only. That’s bound to get interesting.

  6. IPA. If there’s going to be beer, might as well have good beer. Anyone up for some mountain biking?

  7. If we haven’t already blown it with the venue staff, we’d love an arsenal of nerf guns. This shouldn’t really need an explanation but sometimes you just need to pelt someone with a few hundred foam darts.