Inês is constantly questioning and equally rmly resolved when it comes to her relationships. She pens her frustrations and adorations across themes of abandonment, obsession and contentment through her musicians as they traverse from free improvised music into forged paths between structure and chaos. Her shows are raw and dependant on mood, she gives of herself in such a sensual and unique way it almost feels intrusive to watch.

My Dream Rider by Inês


My favourite masseur (shout out Belinda @ Body Teknix)
An abundance of oysters and Ruinart Champange
A massive relax lounge bed thingy we can all lay in and play video games
10 fluffy puppies to play with
Fairy lights everywhere
A swing
Epic goodie bag with flights an accommodation for a reef diving ultra adventure holiday

The Band:

Miles: Masseur and a good whiskey selection
Jani: A chef on call and a tailor to fit a suit in the dressing room
Davie: A wave pool
Brucey: the ultimate quiet space


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