Interstellar Tay (Tay Zastrow) started writing songs as an 8 year old recording songs on a floppy disk and Roland 8 track in the garage. Since that time, Tay has focused on developing a unique sound that sits somewhere between folk and stomp and holler (folk-abilly?). Music that is accessible and fun, but with emotional guts and musical integrity.


  1. Only people who are shorter than me so I can feel like a giant
  2. A counsellor to help me deal with this new experience of feeling tall
  3. Large quantities of quality red wine pre-gig, beer for after
  4. I’ve always thought it could be fun to have my friends dress up as various condiments, hotdogs, sauces etc, as if we were all bbq food! Now feels like an appropriate time to make that happen
  5. Food seems important too (if nothing else, to counteract the effects of all of the alcohol). Burgers are good. I feel like I should take the opportunity to be fancier than this… But burgers are pretty excellent regardless of situation
  6. Good coffee. Because all of these burgers and alcohol will probably make us sleepy 
  7. Nandos sauce, because it makes all food taste good. And we have burgers to put it on! 
  8. All of my friends, and people who love and care for me, because what is the point of any of this without them
  9. My grade 7 Teacher who said “remember me when you’re famous”. I’m not famous, but I remember her, so she should come along too
  10. A pool filled with jelly. This serves two purposes, one – you said be as wild as I like and a jelly pool is pretty damn wild! And two – I’ve always been curious about what would happen if I jumped into a jelly pool, so this is a good chance to do some science


Set to release a new EP on September 1, Interstellar Tay is fast making a name for herself and winning over fans with her honest, biographical blues folk songs and the EP is no different, where audiences will easily be able to find themselves in her words.




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