Born in Bangladesh, raised in New York City, inspired by everything from indie-punk to hip-hop, orchestral symphonies and the Bollywood classics of his parents, Jai Wolf’s life and music have been defined by a liminal quality that only a third culture kid could understand. It’s that quality that takes center stage on The Cure to Loneliness, as he slips between references to cultural moments with an ephemeral quality tinged with nostalgia. The sunny melodies and bombastic hooks bely subject matter that often ruminates on loneliness, distance, and a lack of place. This all converges to create an emotional complexity to the music that cuts deeper than the average festival fare.



1.  Fresh sneakers.  All my shoes are pure white so it would be fire to have a fresh pair for each show so they’re not even remotely scuffed.

  1. A PS4. it would be too inconvenient to travel with one so it’d be great to have one in every single green room.

  2. Sushi flown in from Tokyo. don’t think this needs an explanation

  3. A bed.  A pre-show nap can be crucial!

  4. Socks + clean underwear.  Ok so this is on my rider now but it’s still on my dream rider.  This way you always have fresh clothes and you don’t have to worry about laundry.


The Cure To Loneliness finds Jai Wolf completing his evolution from upstart bedroom remixer to future bass DJ to dream pop artist and builder of lush musical worlds. While still very much a dancefloor-focused endeavour, some tracks on the debut conjure the angular songs of The Strokes and Phoenix, while weaving melodies through the sugary happy-sad of M83 and CHVRCHES, and throw up walls of sound touched by Explosions in the Sky — all while maintaining the melodious polish and evocative groove to which fans around the world have grown so close.


Jai Wolf – Lose My Mind feat. Mr Gabriel (Official Music Video)



Debut album – The Cure To Loneliness, set to release April 5 via Inertia & Pod.




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