Josh Cashman is a natural born storyteller with an enchanting performance, charismatic vocals and a presence reminiscent of the rock stars of old. Moving from the rural country to the lights of the big city, singer-songwriter and musician Josh Cashman has been turning heads both nationally and internationally with his humble, harmonic and heartfelt to the core artistry.

Dream Rider

Upon arrival it would be great to have a iced water, an espresso shot of coffee with 1 sugar, and a freshly rolled champion ruby rollie.

Then once I’ve woken up a bit and I’m refreshed, a Bloody Mary cocktail before my hunger kicks in. That’s when the Sushi train rolls in with Salmon Nigiri & Tempura veggie rolls. I don’t like to eat a lot before performing so sushi is one of those perfect room filling meals/snacks.

It would be pretty great to wash it all down with a tea with a dash of honey so I can start my vocal lubrication and warm ups maybe 30 mins after I eat/drink.

I’d then like to just have a nice chill space with some comfy couches, billiards table, a decent sound system where we can put some of my favourite music on. Just a place that me and my crew can hang out in, with some nibbles, the classic meat and cheese platter would be great and an esky of cold beer for those who want to partake.

After the show it would be great to have an open bar for my friends and crew in the above chill space, maybe a guest DJ spinning vinyl and Asian infused Tapas!

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