Katija is female Australian rapper who is fresh onto the scene. She has recently put out her first music video clip Like a Diamond and has just released her new single Do You Want It where she is featuring alongside the late and great American rap icon Coolio. 2023 will be a huge year for Katija with many more singles and live performances on the way.

10 items on your fantasy rider and why you’ve chosen each one (please be as wild as you like!)

  1. A massage therapist or someone to give me back tickles. I absolutely love being massaged and I feel like I would always just be in the best mood if I was always getting back tickles on demand.
  2. Eminem to hype me up and help me write lyrics for new songs, when I am taking a break I would just happily spend all my free time hanging out with Eminem, life would be complete.
  3. The best coffee machine with the best fresh selection of coffee beans from all over the world lined up for me to smell and choose in the morning that of course comes with its own barista to make it for myself and the team.
  4. Selection of custom sneakers and hats that match so every single day I can be looking fresh as a fk and the outfit can always match my mood.
  5. Popcorn and Maltesers (together) it’s my favourite snack can’t live without it.
  6. A racing track just outside so I can take my Lamborghini, Porsche or Ferrari out on the track to get my adrenaline hit (the racing track has to come with these cars, I am not there yet).
  7. Super fluffy hotel linen and pillows around for when you want to nap or sleep because it’s the best sleep you will ever have.
  8. Mad as speaker system with a killer subwoofer just because, why not?
  9. A small gym set up with everything I need to stay in shape
  10. A motivational speaker to keep my energy and mood up all the time and remind me to be grateful they can also take me through guided meditations


The plug: Everything that you’d like to plug re: new releases, links to music and any show dates and info

I just released my new single, DO YOU WANT IT, a collab with the late great COOLIO.


Watch Visualizer: DO YOU WANT IT



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