Melbourne Rock Band Loose End blend heavier sounds with some pop-punk elements and aggressive pop vocals to create tracks that make you want to yell along and go on the lyrical journey with them. They are a band that are new to the pop-punk scene in Melbourne, but with the release of their new EP it is no doubt they have come to make a name for themselves.

 My  Dream Band Rider by Jackson Trudel – Loose End


A six-pack of Furphy stubbies per band member; the boys wanted a dozen each but as the father figure of the band I need to make sure they all stay stage-ready.
2x protein shakes for myself mixed with milk (they need to be pure whey isolate protein, this is very important)
A roast chicken from the deli (Preferably Woolies, we all know Woolies is better than Coles).
A spread of menu items from Lord of the Fries.
A large tub of hummus and crackers.
4x Raph burgers and an eggplant parma sandwich from Beatbox Kitchen (strong contender for best burger joint in Melbourne by the way).
2 large Hawaiian pizzas with extra pineapple.


The last item on the rider is extremely important – two serves of Mi-Goren noodles per member cooked exactly as described below – this is the only acceptable way to eat packet noodles.

  1. Empty noodles in to bowl
  2. Poor boiling water over noodles, cover with plate – do NOT add sachets
  3. Strain water from bowl, leaving only a very small amount
  4. Add sachets

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