Madi Colville Walker, is a proud Yorta Yorta Woman, hailing from a country town boering Victoria/New South Wales called Echuca-Moama. Madi has since performed at events throughout Australia and also has worked alongside many well respected artists.  

Dream Rider: 

1 –  An open-air Photo booth with different costumes/accessories  so that my family, friends and myself could have the best photoshoots.

2 –  A gas lift wall that holds all of my cowboy boots  so that I can change my boots between show breaks and have my audience wondering which ones I’ll pick next.

3 –  I would love a huge table full of comfort food for my  family and friends! I definitely have to have a huge chocolate fountain but only Cadbury’s easter egg chocolate can be used, because it tastes way too good!

4 –  There’s no doubt music is my heart and soul, so to have some form of sound system is a must! I love records, so I think I’d choose a turntable. There would be an ENORMOUS selection of vinyls too, I’d make a list but that would go on forever! 

5- My Puppies, DJ and Indi would certainly have their own little space too, they are both very spoilt. They never fail to make me smile. Whenever I’m rehearsing, DJ always sits and stares at me, almost as if he’s listening, I absolutely adore it.

6- When I was younger I used to verse my family in the game Singstar. I remember we ended up in tears of laughter during this game. To be able to relive those memories would be so much fun.

7-  It would be pretty groovy to have a rollerskating rink with the old four wheel skates! There would be a huge disco ball, I kind of envision it like the ones from the 70’s hollywood movies. But honestly I know I’m too uncoordinated to rollerskate! 

8- When I get the chance, I love to watch movies, in particular scary ones. I know I would have a full cinema showing some of my favourite scary movies, lots of bean bags, pillows, blankets and a bar for snacks ect.

9- Many people know how much I adore animals, so a type of little petting zoo type of area will most likely be added to the list. For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of owning a cow! Apparently they love music. 

10- And last but not least! I would have a stage with all sorts of crazy production just so I could have my celebrity crush, Jimi Hendrix perform one set. I adore his vibe, energy and most of all music!

My song “Yinyarr Mulana Winyarr” (Free Spirit Woman) is about my home, Yorta Yorta Woka (Country).  I feel very fortunate enough to travel with my music, but when I’m on the road I do miss my home, singing this song connects me back to land, my family, my people. 

I had the opportunity to be mentored by Emily Wurramarra, who I have looked up to for quite sometime now. I feel very honoured to have made so many strong connections during my time with the Singing Our Futures Crew. Along with being a part of the SOF mob, I had the honour to perform at the 2023 National Indigenous Music Awards (NIMAS), and was one of the two recipients for the Archie Roach Foundation Award.  I will always be very grateful for this experience. 

I’m super excited to be sharing the stage with the talented Dan Sultan and Uncle Mick Harding for a very special dinner show to celebrate culture on October 7th 2023 on Tungurung Country. 

Deadly at the TMI is a unique opportunity to share and embrace Aboriginal culture. As the sun sets on Taungurung Country, Mick Harding will open the event with a Welcome to Country and a smoking ceremony. Mick will tell stories in soul-stirring songs, sung in Dhagungwurrung language, that celebrate indigenous traditions and pay homage to the land.

The headliner is Dan Sultan; known for his soulful voice, powerful storytelling and magnetic stage presence.
The support act will be Madi Colville Walker, a young up and coming First Nations performer.

The event atmosphere will be one of unity and appreciation as we come together to honour the rich heritage of Australia’s First Peoples.” (Write up from Humantix)

Listen to ‘Yinyarr Mulana Winyarr” now, available on all streaming platforms

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