Melbourne neo-funk pioneers Mammal are Australia’s must-see live band. Childhood friends Ezekiel Ox and Pete Williamson handle the riffs and vocals with savage power, with rock-solid rhythms supplied by the bombastic Zane Rosanoski and internationally renowned bass hero Kade Turner. Mammal punch up and aren’t pulling the ladder up behind them.

10 items on your fantasy rider and why you’ve chosen each one:

  1. Flights and accommodation for our wives, partners and children: middle aged rock and roll has its challenges, and we miss our nearest and dearest on the road.
  2. A meeting with the local MP, Archbishop, Mufti and assorted community leaders: let Mammal discuss what needs to be fixed and how those in power should go about fixing it. 
  3. Cucumber, butter, salt and pepper sandwiches: an absolute classic, refreshing. 
  4. Sparkling mineral water with fresh lime: see #3 for the ultimate pre-gig combination. 
  5. Fireworks: whilst illegal in many regions, Zeke our lead singer loves letting off fireworks (safely of course) in the carpark after the show. Fyshwick was a frequent stop on tour in the 2000s. 
  6. One on one Wombat experience: Mammal hangs with at least two wombats for half an hour before the show, baby wombats give the promoter bonus points. 
  7. Remedial massage for each member: one half our massage (before or after the show) for each member of Mammal, great for sore muscles after delivering high-octane neo-punk shows. 
  8. 10 Free Tickets For Local Aboriginal Community: Mammal respect the fact we live and work on stolen land, and want deadly people to be able to enjoy our tunes for free.
  9. 4 Pairs Of Underpants: one appropriately sized pair of jox per for Mammal and all touring crew, this helps keep respectable on the road in case of getting “hit by a bus” our Mum’s will be able to sleep easy.
  10. DJ decks in the band room: watch Mammal lead the kick ons and eventual lock in at the venue, as we pump out the tunes for all the party people after the gig.

Mammal’s new single “Keanu Reeves” is out now for streaming and viewing on YouTube and we’re playing a MASSIVE Xmas show on December 22 to celebrate. Support comes from the mighty Captives and the psych-rock newcomers Mojo Pin. Still a few tickets left, so book now!

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