Marvell, fronted by brothers Max and Tom Marvell, were born out of a love of classic song writing both new and old, with this Sydney five-piece marrying the universal melodies of rock and pop’s greatest with the energy and tenacity of contemporary indie-rock.

Marvell have announced their most powerful single to date – Needle a true journey of a song that describes the hardships, trauma and impossible hope that accompanies a cancer battle.


Needle precedes Marvell’s new EP, Comfort Is King which is set for release on December 9 – fans can pre-save the record now.

                       My Dream Rider

*   6 red apples and 1 green apple. One, to keep the doctor away, and a green apple ‘cause it’s more annoying for the venue.
*   10 x Chicken n cheeses from Maccas – cause they’re simply delicious.
*   “Slab of VB, and what do you guys want?” – Tom
*   A poker set so we can lose our gig money before the show even starts.
*   5 pairs of fresh cotton socks – because there’s nothing better than some fresh socks.
*   Nintendo 64 with Smash Brothers and 4 controllers – because that’s always a blast.
*   A framed photo of Patrick Swayze – because he should be every generation’s hero.
*   A Hyperboom speaker – to listen to music prior.
*   A cheese platter with FRENCH blue cheese – to stay cultural.
*   1 guitar lead – because Tom will forget his every time.


New EP ‘Comfort Is King out Dec 9 pre-save the record now



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