Experimenting with styles, sounds and delivery, J.P’s flow is undeniably versatile. He’s influenced by the likes of T.I., Drake, Jay-z and Kanye West. He mixes intelligent lyricism with melody to engage in versatility to his core fan base, and the evolving sounds of hip hop music. Part of the fresh new wave of hip hop, J.P will be releasing his EP titled ‘Over’ slated for release next year.

My Dream Rider by MC J.P

  1. A masseuse! Available at all times so I can unwind before and after shows!

  2. A mini KFC pop up. Backstage with a cook ready to feed the crew

  3. A bartender! Ready to mix crazy cocktails to chill the nerves!
  4. Icecream! And plenty of it!
  5. An ice bar. Go in there and literally chill out after all the energy on staege!
  6. A big screen with preview after preview in sequence of motivational speeches by some of the greatest leaders of our time!

Sydney MC J.P Releases An Empowering New Single ‘Over’ – Listen here

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