Michael Day hasn’t grown since He was in primary school. They say his growth hormones went into growing his fingernails, on one hand, because he couldn’t use a pick. Since then he has formed a band, who help create Michael Day’s moody folk sound.

My Dream Rider by Michael Day

KFC Double Stacker Zinger 
KFC does this burger that I have only had about 5 times. I refuse to let myself get one often because they are too good and I would quickly become a human tomato. But this would be the greatest rider ever! Better still, have like a whole family feast on the table as well. That’d be grand.


Strawberry Milkshake 
Milk is terrible for your voice but strawberry milkshakes are excellent for your personal morale and joy. So understandably this would be on my table backstage.


Massage Therapist for my neck, back and arms. 
I often get tense in my neck, shoulders and arms, and seem to hold tension in my jaw. So a massage therapist to help me out with things would be marvelous!


Vocal coach to get my voice warmed up 
I’d love to have a personal vocal coach keeping me warmed up, and on top of my singing. They’d know exactly when to warm up, go on stage and warm down. My voice would be kept in pristine condition.


My Dog 
Having my doggo back stage to keep myself and the other bands topped up with love from doggo cuddles would be lovely. If you’re tense you can get a massage but if you’re getting tense, then you can prevent being tense with doggo cuddles.


I’m unsure why so much of my rider revolves around food but, look if I don’t eat I literally die. Some of that cheesey bread sizzler used to do. And then top it off with a dessert buffet where all of your dreams come true. If you want an ice cream cake, you can literally just make one. I saw a lady doing this when I was younger and it changed my life.


Nintendo Switch set up – pokemon 
The latest Nintendo console with the latest Pokemon game. This could be a sure way to miss the set but a fair reason to indeed. I’ve grown up playing pokemon and I don’t know how to stop. So why stop?


The comfiest couch 
Back stage you need to be relaxed to perform at your best so the best way to do that is to get your sleepy time on, on top of the comfiest couch you’ve ever laid upon. You can sleep and rest, you can play Nintredo or you can eat food on it, perfect.


An Organized Human Being 
As an independent songwriter, I do everything myself. I book the venue, the artists, I make the posters, create the schedule etc etc. For this rider, there’s an organized Human who can tell me exactly what to do and when to do it. They know the ins and outs of the concert and take care of everything. They make the gig happen. They are the reason I have this fantastic rider. And because they are so organized, they know how to get the goods.


 A Master Chef 
After eating the worst food for you imaginable, it’d be great to have a Master Chef cooking a vast array of healthy meals to balance out the crap you just put into your body. Delicious veggies, and salads.

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