After releasing a pair of standout singles in 2018, Sydney-based indie-pop duo MONATOMIC have just released their first track of the year in ‘They’re Playing My Song’ – produced and recorded by the band themselves at their home studio.

‘They’re Playing My Song’ is an infectious and energetic indie-electro cut, bursting with a relentless and magnetising urgency. Driven by its walls of synth, fuzz-laden bass and steadfast beats, the song is made complete by the charismatic vocals of enigmatic front man Steffan Lazar.

So we decided to go for a bit of opulence and excess… It is called a dream rider for a reason!

  1. Berg Water (water from a Canadian Iceberg) – Ok first things first, we need to be adequately hydrated. We are fancy water enthusiasts. But during our recent trip LA we took this passion for hydration to the next level. We went into one of LA’s most exclusive grocers (Erewhon) and purchased the most expensive bottled water on sale. All the shop assistants gathered around in awe as we seemed to be one of the first people to actually spend 25$ USD on this super deluxe 750ml glass bottle of water. We had enough for just two cups, one for both of us. We probably wouldn’t buy it again unless it was paid for by someone else. It tasted like snow.

  2. Mountains of Nutella – for Tarran the Nutella addict. I think this one is self-explanatory.

  3. Acupuncturist – Terrifying at first, but then you slowly get addicted to the sensation. If you believe the health benefits are true – it’s worth it. Would be epic to have a master acupuncturist on call!

  4. If you can’t already tell, one of the band members (Steffan) is vegan. So copious amounts of vegan cheese in the form of fermented cashews (Byron Bay’s Peace Love and Veggies brand) is on the list because it tastes like and has the consistency of feta!

  5. For the non-vegan in the band – Wagyu beef sushi, miso soup, and salmon sashimi are on order.

  6. Iggy’s Sourdough bread – This is the BEST bread is Sydney. Need unlimited amounts of this too.

  7. Our favorite alcoholic beverage happens to be the humble Margarita. So high quality margaritas made with super fancy tequila – and bowls of unlimited guac would be ideal.

  8. Mark and Vinny’s chili oil – This is not just any type of chili oil, this is the best chili/paste oil ever. It tastes amazing and a jar of it will set you back $15.

  9. Oh and a massage therapist would be good.


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