Yaama! I’m Naomi Diane, a Gamilaroi singer songwriter grooving around Naarm/Melbourne. I was born and raised in Wollongong, studied a music degree in Sydney then moved to Naarm to study a Master of Teaching. This is my debut as a solo artist, but I’ve been gigging and recording with some amazing Naarm based bands for over a year now. I enjoy tinkering on piano and stringed instruments.

Theme of everything below: boujee

  1. Discoball (especially an excellent lighting set up) 
  2. Star shaped lights: so they can sparkle along with the disco ball and make the roof look like the night sky 
  3. Gum tree branches: I like to bring the outside in.. It’s a good way to yarn about what grows locally between tunes 
  4. Turkish handmade rugs: I window shopped in a Turkish rug shop on High St this week, every piece is so divine and they feel good under your feet. So naturally, I’ll cover the whole stage in them so I dance and perform barefoot and feel great at the same time 
  5. Upright piano next to the keyboard: Ya never know, I might just crack out a jazz standard in middle of this banging indie pop set   
  6. Shure KSM8 for all vocals: it’s the new and improved SM58 
  7. Hepburn springs water: Naarm local spring water (just to be fancy) 
  8. Herbal tea: I try not to drink at gigs unless it’s a special one. But the sounds of this rider it probably is a big deal show, so I’d pair my tea with a peaty whisky haha 
  9. Sushi for pre show snacks, dark choccy for after show snacks 
  10. A sound gal! Because the music industry could always use more femme peeps 

The plug

My debut single Chasing The Sun came out Nov 21, and I don’t have any shows on the horizon for the minute. Will be spending the first few months of next year recording demos for an EP launch wahoo!

Chose your poison https://linktr.ee/naomidiane

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