I’m a one man show that collaborates with different artists/DJ’s and producers. I’ve been the lead singer of two different funk bands over the years and am now very happy sitting in the world of pop music. My last song was called I Spent My Rent On A Record. It’s a super catchy funk song and was remixed in India when I was working in Bollywood. The music video was on rotation on MTV Indies and VH1 in India.

Delord Armagnac French Brandy – It’s the expensive stuff and lubricates the vocal cords. Keepin’ it classy (today).

Dom Perignon Champagne – It’s so smoooooooth. And when someone else pays it’s always a delight.

India Pale Ale Beer (must be above 8%). Because why drink light beer?! Just don’t have a beer.

Essential Oil Candles – an uplifting atmosphere is always ideal backstage. Particularly when working with stinky stoner musicians.

Air Mist Diffuser: same reason as above. Some musos smell bad 😉

Glen 20 Spray – For microphones. Nothing worse than using the mic after the bearded sound guy has been putting his throat scent all over it.

Vocal Zone Lozenges – Brilliant for singers and recitation events.

An 80s Fiber Optic Led Light – Because mood lighting is important.

Rescue Remedy – So one can keep calm and carry on.

A zenthai shiatsu masseur – Because sometimes Annie needs a load taken off. And a load taken off for free.

My song Up And Coming has just been released. The music video is up on youtube and is worth checking out if you’re into psychedelic animation.

Here’s the music video link:

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