Australian-born, LA-based actor and musician Nicholas Hamilton has today released his sparkling new single In Line, a song about coming of age that was two years in the making, out today – April 23. As a young actor and musician, Nicholas took the plunge and moved from his home in Byron Bay to Los Angeles. As an actor he has starred alongside Nicole Kidman, Joseph Fiennes, Hugo Weaving and Jessica Chastain to name a few, and has an ever-growing list of successful films under his belt, including roles in global blockbusters such as It, It: Chapter Two, Captain Fantastic, Strangerland and more.

My Dream Rider by Nicholas Hamilton

Alright, let’s do this. Big boy’s gonna get some good stuff!


First and more foremost than anything, Bankwest Stadium. Whole thing, with Parramatta playing a close game against the Dragons, where the Eels come out on top. My brother and dad go for the Saints and I’m a Parra supporter, would be a nice reason to get the family around and watch them cry.


Secondly, a cinema playing all 4 Avengers movies on loop. Full snacks bar included. An American theater by the way, one that serves alcohol, preferably the recently closed Arclight Dome in Hollywood.


Thirdly, a jazz bar. I’m realising now that most of these are venues, but maybe shut up about it? I loooove a cocktail bar with a live jazz band. If jazz isn’t available, I’ll settle for Lewis Capaldi doing a live set at the same bar, IF I HAVE TO.


Fourthly, a Timezone-style arcade. Must include a dance dance revolution machine with unlimited song choices, for obvious reasons.


Fively, every game table in the world. Pool, Table Tennis, Ice Hockey, etc. Love a sporty leisure activity.


Sixthly, an 18-hole Putt Putt course, complete with alcohol and Pixar-movie-themed holes.


Sevenly, just all the drinks. Preferably an unlimited supply of Manhattans and Moscow Mules, but I’d settle for every liquor known to man.


Eightingly, a sprinkling of shirtless men. Self-explanatory innit.


Ninely, a bucket each of Shake Shack’s SmokeShack Burgers, McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets (with sweet and sour and honey mustard sauce galore), and In ‘N’ Out Animal Style Fries. The holy trinity.


And finally, tenly, Barack and Michelle Obama. Just to hang out. Maybe answer a question or two. I’m pretty easy, as you can tell.

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