Tasmanian-grown indie-pop medical-mum songstress weaves self-reflection into banging tunes. 34 sweet years of life lived, misadventures, mended and broken hearts provide a stunningly rich tapestry of inspiration to draw from.

10 items on your fantasy rider and why you’ve chosen each one (please be as wild as you like!)

  • Gin and elderflower cordial mixed with mountain filtered water fizz, in tall delicate glassware to make me feel like a real person of class
  • Two small-handed lady folk and a tub of coconut oil for massaging my feet
  • Best selling genius-of-an-author Beth O’Leary to entertain me with her magnificent handle on the English language
  • Lavish tasting board of local animal based products, nuts and gluten (because it will be beyond everyone else’s dietary restrictions so no one will pinch it)
  • Life size cut out of my family to keep morale high.
  • A set of technicolour finger paints for sensory immersion to quieten my pre-show nerves. (I don’t mean that. I don’t get nervous. But throw in the finger paints anyway.)
  • George Ezra inside a shell. Put it to my ear and I get both the soothing sound of the ocean mixed with the deepest voice ever known to emanate from a modest sized-delicate faced man in the history of the world.
  • A lemon footbath. Because my kids do the steiner school thing and those rainbow lovers advocate for the lemon bath feet which I don’t really get but whatever. Let’s roll with it.
  • A pot of French Earl Grey tea and its corresponding soundtrack. Because ‘French Earl Grey’ is the title of another banger single I’ve got coming out sometime which is essentially a sexy cup of tea song. And sometimes you just need to have a cup of tea and listen to a sexy cup of tea song.
  • Inspiration drying up. Still going? Ok. Look um. Give me a mango. That’ll probably sort me out.

Latest single ‘Fucking Your Style’ is a celebration of the messed up parts of self. Own that shit! Get out your little hand-companion-compulsive-selfie-taker-smart-phone out (yes I know its right there with you) find the largest streaming server in the world that doesn’t care about remunerating their artists.

Yep. Thats the one. Nudge that little button on the side up as loud as it goes. Hook it up to some fuckoff big stereo system and harness the power. More energy! More power to you! More power to your elbow!

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