Ohms is the creative project of Melbourne-based multiinstrumentalist, composer, and audio engineer, Hugo Ivers. Drawing influence from the dreamlike, hypnagogic qualities of mid-late century counter-culture, Ohms seeks to convey aural narratives through sonic textures and unpredictable compositional structure. Traversing the tightrope between bubblegum pop, and the avant-garde.

We spoke to Ohms about his dream rider:

  • Upright piano – Something to tinkle on if any inspiration strikes. Always comes when you least anticipate.
  • Columbian blend batch brew coffee – Somewhere between coffee and tea, not strong enough to be an espresso, not weak enough to be a cup of tea. Notes of various spices embrace you like the warm hug of a significant other.
  • Borzoi dog – A scruffy, long friend to keep me company and howl along to my middling piano skills. A co-composer of melodies, even!
  • Packet of cigarettes – We all have our vices. I’m not fussy, pick your poison.
  • Remedial massage therapist – Someone to crack my back and ease my perpetual rhomboid pain.
  • 2-3 Club Mate’s – Fell in love with these when on tour in Germany a number of years ago. I found the sugarfication of a traditionally South American tea by a German company to be such a funny reality.
  • Full size mirror – For vanity’s sake. Have to ensure I’m presentable to the general public somehow.
  • Twin Peaks box set – Half of the time when on tour or performing is spent sitting around, waiting. Why not make use of this time by delving into your favourite series? Yes, including that awful string of episodes in season two.
  • Korean Japchae and Spring Onion pancakes – Preferably made by my lovely partner. Hi Maddie!
  • Pfeffernusse biscuits – Sweet treats, just like Oma used to make. 

The plug: 

Ohms debut single ‘Bimbo’s Inferno’ is out now on all streaming platforms. “My next single will be available in the coming months, with a corresponding music video from the brilliant mind of Triana Hernandez. A lot more music will be released before the year comes to a close. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open!”

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