New wave dream rockers PRETTY BLEAK have just launched their sparkling new single like you know better – evocative of The 1975 and Kisschasey, the young band are already making their mark on the Melbourne music scene, and have recently been described by triple j as “disco, punk and pop all [working in] equal voice.”


1. A selection of vapes: Our new obsession as a band is vaping. Yeah we’re guilty of helping bring nicotine addiction back to the youth one puff at a time. Preferably banana ice flavour from HQD.

2. Seltzer: I personally can’t drink this stuff but the amount of times I’ve heard Sanji (our bass player) go up to the bar and ask “hey what seltzers do you have? Oh yeah ok and do you have any sour beer?” is immense. So I know he’d be greatly pleased if they were freely available backstage.

3. Good lighting: just for taking photos.

4. Room temperature water: this one might seem weird but cold water is the worst thing for your voice if you’re trying to sing. Warming up your voice is basically the same principle as warming up your muscles before you exercise, so drinking water that’s been in the fridge/ freezer will close your throat muscles up and it’s a constant battle trying to find water that hasn’t been on ice. Please give me a slab of this thanks.

5. Hot chips: three out of four of us in the band are vegan and a lot of the time the only thing a venue has on its menu (if it has a menu) that we can eat is hot chips. I try not to eat too much before a show because it slows me down but this is always the go to option after soundcheck is done. Maybe actually good vegan food in addition to this if we can ask for anything.

6. A sharpie and a wall to write our name on as is tradition.

7. Someone who will set up and pack up all of our gear without us having to lift a finger pre or post show: this has always been our standard for when we’ll feel like we’ve “made it” as a band. If you don’t even have to think about where your gear is, or whether or not it will be in working order when you walk on stage then that means you’re doing pretty well for yourself.

8. An intercom that goes straight to the sound person’s desk so we can tell them “yeah ok we’re ready now please turn the house music down” without having to walk all the way through the crowd to the opposite end of the venue to tell them and then walk back like an idiot.

9. A full body mirror: because we’re all vain in our own way.

10. Peace and quiet: we all really love the crowds and the atmosphere at our shows but the four of us are all truly introverted. So it would be cool to have one specific place where we can chill together for a few minutes before we go out there and raise hell.

PRETTY BLEAK’s new single like you know better is out now.


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