Pretty Talks. An exploration of the beauty in our actions, interactions and the world we live in. “Talking pretty”. Eloquence in expression. Saying the things people want to hear. The concept of “pretty” being a commodity in our society to the point that it is placed on the same level of currency.

Bright, layered, pop production contrasted by a dark, gritty aesthetic and authentic lyricism. Honest, self-referential and somewhat playful lyrics break through the mystique of their image to reveal the true nature of their art. A self-aware, self-critiquing, occasionally cynical and sometimes emotional analysis of the self, the people around us and our place in the world.

 10 items on your fantasy rider and why you’ve chosen each one (please be as wild as you like!)

  • Copious amounts of alcohol – A bottle of tequila, a couple bottles of red wine, a bottle of bourbon, vodka cruisers and a case of local beer.
  • Nintendo Switch – We all love playing Mario Kart, it’s how we divvy chores as a household since we all live together. Liam’s by far the best player, but Tommy and Hadi have their moments.
  • The favourite book of whoever is putting together the rider – We read a little while ago that a band had this as a constant request and loved the idea. There’s always going to be time to kill before sets, so that would help.
  • A pool table – Who doesn’t like a game of pool?
  • Hummus, chips, carrot and celery – A nice, healthy snack before getting dirty on stage.
  • A selection of constantly burning incense – We’re big on good smells.
  • Personal in-venue hype-man – Pretty self-explanatory.
  • A smoke machine, disco ball and mood lighting – To set the mood and have dance.
  • Those mirrors that are surrounded by several light globes – So Liam can satisfy his own vanity.
  • Finally a fridge magnet from every town we play in, so we can add them all to our fridge back home.

The plug: Everything that you’d like to plug re: new releases, links to music and any show dates and info:

Check out our brand new single Hurt Me, which is a follow up to our previous single Need You.

Hurt Me is a snapshot of a relationship in its most tumultuous moments, a relationship breaking down, where neither person is necessarily at fault. The outcome being that one person decides to put everything on the line whilst the other has already mentally checked out. It’s that feeling of “I know we’ve both made mistakes in this, but let’s give it one last chance”. It’s also about the moments of weakness; when you realise it’s not evolving in a positive way and you wish you could pretend it was just how it used to be.

There’s also a video clip for the new single, written, produced and directed by the band and shot by The Million front-man Jacob Thomas.

Also check out links to our great friends in the industry who also have new stuff out right now.

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Hurt Me Music Video

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