Singer, songwriter and performer Queency’s undeniable on-stage charisma and presence coupled with his focus on and dedication to crafting memorable melodies and punchy hooks above all else are just a few of the elements that allow his unique take on funky, soulful pop and modern r&b to rise above the pack, compared to the likes of Ari Lennox, Daniel Caesar, Erykah Badu and Charlie Puth.

My Dream Rider

  1. As many magnums of Dom Perignon Millesime as a pool of ice can fit,  because let’s get absolutely shitfaced, but let’s pretend we’re doing it with class.
  2. A 10 meter long cheese platter with signature cheeses from France, Spain and Italy, because you can kick my French ass out of Europe, but you can’t tell me I can’t have cheese!
  3. Matching red wines from the respective countries aforementioned to pair each cheese with, because she fancy.
  4. A set of various crystal glasses to drink each wine and champagne in the shape they were designed for degustation, because she proper.
  5. Loud velvet floors and walls in the greenroom, because we’re out here living our Studio 54 fantasy.
  6. A chandelier to swing from.
  7. Contortionist pole dancers with rock solid abs and titanium hard glutes, because why the bloody hell not?
  8. A golden silk robe with matching sleepers and turban to wrap myself in after the show, and feel like a rich middle-aged divorcee who acquired her wealth by shamelessly seizing half of her 5th husband’s, and who now is spending it to endlessly and insatiably feed her cocaine and gigolo addictions, forever aimlessly navigating into a world where she pertinently knows in vain she would’ve been happier without money and infamy.
  9. A diamond-encrusted concerto Steinway and Sons grand piano to all gather around and sing our hearts out until the sun rises.
  10. And bread. Baskets of it!



SUN 4 Dec 2022    » Playing George Street Festival 2022 in East Fremantle
March 2023 » Playing Nannup Festival 2023


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