Rach Brennan & The Pines promise a sound that is completely their own. The singer-songwriter’s sunny spirit is embedded in their captivating live performances. Bolstered by their distinctive close-knit vocal style; Rach Brennan & The Pines sing of friendship, innocence and the unabashed naivety of falling in and out of love.

DREAM RIDER: Rach Brennan & The Pines

For Eats

1 x Large Mexican pizza (for the carnivores)
1 x Large Veggie pizza, hold the cheese (for the vegans)
1 x Small bowl of unsalted cashews
1 x Large bowl of guac and corn chips
3 x 2 minute noodle cups (no sachet preference)
2 x Whole watermelons (w/ large carving knife)
1 x Mango (to make 1 x man go)

For Drinks (Don’t ask)

1 x Bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin
3 x Bottles of passion pop

For Fun (Really don’t ask)

1 x School fete petting zoo
2 x Olympic grade trampolines (arranged side by side for maximum entertainment value)
1 x Television playing Seinfeld and Frasier re-runs (this is invaluable to ensure good wholesome stage banter between songs.)
Better yet, let’s just take Jerry Seinfeld with us for banter. He can get our coffee, and drive us around.

And of course a crack team of friendly massage therapists to keep us grounded and zen after all the passion pop / gin / teacup pig related excitement.

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