My Dream Rider: Reilly Stapleton

Reilly Stapleton is a Melbourne based singer-songwriter and recording artist, producing music described as dark-pop. Her deep and emotional lyrics allow her audience to create an image filled with colour and honesty. 

Stapleton has never been good at speaking about her feelings or thoughts submerged in her mind, however at a young age she discovered the ability to articulate these thoughts through her music. This is why her audience can always expect a truthful perspective into the singers mind and an opportunity to capture her most raw notions and reflections, some of which can be perceived in a relatable aspect to those who let the words speak to them.

My Dream Rider 

  1. I would love a room full (don’t underestimate “full”) of cats!! How amazing would that be?! 
  2. The lady who owns my favourite Bahn Mi shop. She makes the best Bahn Mi ever and I would really like her to be my personal Vietnamese chef. 
  3. One of the popcorn machines from the cinema. I throw cinema popcorn down my throat like it’s the last thing I’ll ever eat. 
  4. My bottle of Limoncello that someone STOLE from my birthday party and is still missing! PSA to the person who took it… I haven’t forgotten. 
  5. A fully equipped set up of Special FX makeup! I love playing around with blood, trying to make realistic creations in my spare time! Maybe I’ll give the venue security some makeovers. 
  6. The real life animatronic that they used in Child’s Play for the Chucky character. I want to operate it! Can you imagine if I had the REAL chucky running around the room! 
  7. I want someone from Universal Studios to come down and turn the entire room (I may need an extra room) into a Hollywood horror walk with blood and actors and sound effects, THE LOT! How insane would that be?! 
  8. A big comfy bed to have a nap, I have sleeping issues, where I can fall asleep in literally any situation, so a bed rather than a couch would be so good! 
  9. A big messy chocolate fondue set… yum 
  10. The last thing that I want in there with me, is my mum, she’s a huge supporter and if I’m scoring all of this sick stuff before a show, she’s the one who’s gonna enjoy it with me. 


The plug: Everything that you’d like to plug re: new releases, links to music and any show dates and info

My new single ‘Impulse’ was released on October 31st along with a music video produced by Shot by Sadler.

My next show will be at God’s Kitchen in Mornington on Tuesday December 3rd. Tickets are available from the door.