Following on from a massive 2018, infectious garage-pop kings, High Tropics have returned with their glowing, nostalgic number ‘Feel The Same’. Produced by Elliot Heinrich (Future Jr) and mastered by Brian Lucey (Cage the ElephantLiam Gallagher), the track sees songwriter Josh Stewart expand on his ever-growing catalogue of indie-rock sing-alongs.


He sat down to talk to us about the rider of their dreams:

1) Let’s start at the beginning, we need our dream tour manager with us. Kenny Powers might not be the best person in the world to have booking flights and accommodation, but he knows exactly what we need in the green room to summon our Agame.

2) An abundant but finite amount of Diablo ginger beer (ginger is great for the pipes). Throw in a couple of warm VB tins, to offer the people who over did it the night before. That’ll slow ‘em down.

3) Space to stretch and move! This is a big one, as it’s hard to get in the zone when you’re all crammed into a closet. 

4) We don’t like to have too much in our guts before we hop on stage, but it’s always a good night when we get to graze on an assortment of crisps, as long as there’s Byron Bay’s farmer market hummus. 

5) Captain Morgan’s Spiced Gold. This guy right here is for after the work is done, a toast amongst the gentlemen of High Tropics and their crew, including Kenny Powers and good old Gordon Ramsay.

6) Since this is our dream rider, you best believe we’ve got our very own anaesthetist. It’s a long trip to the next stop of the tour. Who wants to sit in a luxury tour bus, playing Fortnite on a ubiquitous Wifi connection, when you could just be sedated? Pure bliss waking up to the hangover cure that Gordy has been whipping up for the boys.

7) An epic sound system to blast the “High in the Tropics” playlist. They say you can’t control everything, but you can always control the ambience. Hit shuffle and stream here:

 8) A couple of Gordy’s signature hot toddies and boom we’re back in business.


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