My Dream Rider: Sienna Wild

Sienna Wild are a Melbourne based indie rock band, born and raised on the grind of this musical metropolis. The band is made up of four equal parts, Louis Goutos on bass and vocals, Jon Giokas on guitars, Lewis Ciavarella on guitars and vocals, and Lucas Manitta on drums. To listen to their music is to be consumed by a whirl of emotions, a swirl of soaring guitars, complemented by compelling vocals and a punchy yet precise roaring rhythm section.

My Dream Rider

Beers – Do I need to explain? Rock.Show.


A mini bar full of various drinks – for those of us with a more refined palate perhaps the first rider item is not to our likingits always good to have a variety. Nothing like sculling a Pinot Gris or a Supersized V before you go onstage. Anything can happen. And almost everything will.

A Hot Tub – I’m sorry, but this item is imperative. Like elite athletes, musicians need instant recovery from the physical and emotional toll of a super slick rock show. What better way than to slip off stage and slump into a bubbling tub with your amigos by your side. A perfect way to celebrate and debrief on the gig that was.


A low, worn and weary seating facility (a couch) – Every backstage area worth its weight in gold has one of these. As a band, we are all about traditions and rituals, we want to know who played before us and whose sweaty stage we are sharing. We also want to know whose ghosts haunt the halls and whose backside graced the backstage couch. The dirtier the better.

A white baby grand piano – To ensure we give our audience the best show possible, we need to be in tune. What better way to do this than to get together by the ol’ baby grand and tune up our voices and our instruments. One man needs to hit the keys, the others need to stand with one finger in their ear singing the same note. It’s just the done thing. And make it a baby grand. Anything bigger will take up too much space. We can’t be greedy.

Custom designed lavatory seats – This is self-explanatory I would have thought (?) At each venue, the band must have a custom-made toilet seat with the faces of each member either engraved and/or their photograph within the see-through seat itself. This is a huge part of the backstage ritual and one must not compromise on comfort or style.

A bathtub full of red m&m’s – To bathe in and to keep the promoter on their toes. Anyone who does not provide this immediately reveals their lack of commitment to the band and as a result, forces us to cancel the show. There is absolutely no room for laziness behind our stage.  

Life size cardboard cutouts of Van Halen singers David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar – This is to help with band morale, of course. Two of our members think Lee Roth is better, whilst the other half prefer Hagar. Having their life size cutouts backstage means that at any moment, we can spontaneously break into an argument on this topic, using the life size cutouts as tangible evidence of why we must stay relevant and physically present in our art form.

No flowers, under any circumstances – Flowers are distracting to all senses and interfere with our performance. Simple as that.

A large bucket of passionfruit – seasonal or otherwise – Good for juggling. Good for a snack. Good for food fights. Good for skin moisturizing. Good for the soul. Smell divine.

Our new single “You Wouldn’t Know” is out now on Spotify! Go listen to it! On repeat. Stream it, send it! Look up the lyrics, print them and use them to wallpaper your house or small apartment. Quote them to friends and strangers as you perch on a lowly window sill. Whatever you do, make sure you get around this song and all its wonder and glory.


To promote the single, we are taking the band and its travelling circus on tour around this great southern land of ours. Summer tour shows include:


Thursday 2nd January 2020

Sydney, Frankie’s Pizza


Friday, 9th January 2020

Crown & Anchor, Adelaide


Saturday 18th January, 2020

Ric’s Bar, Brisbane


Friday 31st January, 2020

The Tote, Melbourne