My Dream Rider: Sweet Anxiety

Sweet Anxiety is a solo project from Frankston Australia. It’s creator Sammy Allitt puts out grungy rock tunes with a sound inspired by bands such as Helmet and Shihad. The lyrics draw on plenty of angst and frustration.


My Dream Rider


  1. Fender Jim Root Telecaster, always wanted to play one. Tele body, 2 high-gain humbuckers, and no pointless tone knob
  2. Fender ’57 Custom Champ 5W tube amp re-issue. Ridiculously overpriced for what it is, but I really love these amps.. dirty as all hell, and like the guitar above, no tone knob, just volume (I’ll need these first 2 to play the show because of the last item)
  3. A bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label, a personal fav of mine
  4. Stick date pudding (The one from the old David Jones food hall cake section) they were just the best!
  5. Double cream for the sticky date
  6. Ice cream, also for the sticky date pudding, it just makes it even better
  7. Final Fight arcade machine, a mate of mine and I would play this for hours down at an old arcade in Frankston as kids, awesome fun
  8. Daytona machine, again, plently of laps done on this one, and I’m a lead foot
  9. My mates to enjoy the cool stuff with, otherwise, what’s the point?
  10. Indian Chieftain Dark Horse for the speedy getaway at the end of night. I love riding motorcycles, I’ve had a soft spot for Indian’s after riding one around the deep south of the US a few years ago

Sweet Anxiety’s new single The Loss is available on all major streaming services including Spotify and Apple on Monday 20 April