Willing is a two-piece Melbourne music project making sensual avant-pop for your sins. Fresh from the release of their latest trap-rock jam, Hungry, Will and Charlie are now recoiling to finish up their debut album tentatively titled, Pure Romance and Utter Devastation. 

My Dream Rider by Willing

A life-size soda stream that doubles as an effervescent float tank with a blowup Paris Hilton troll doll bobbling about within.

25 Muji humidifiers in various colours of James Turrell. We like our lamps lush and our larynxes lubricated.

A menagerie of showy glass birds.

An AI hologram of Slavoj Zizek giving a Ted Talk. A pair of noise-cancelling headphones to shut him up.

Kimmy K, in custom Mugler, cracking a bottle of Pol Roger with a sword.

Antony from queer eye making vegan meat loaf in a pair of vintage quicksilver boardies. (*Teenage Dream plays faintly through the UE Boom.)

A super plush carpet so that you can just plonk anywhere. We hate a cold, hard floor.

Scattered patchouli, ashy debris, found objects and obsolete ephemera. A dust buster to remind us of the transience of it all.

Two Dyson air blades. One for each hand. Will has hyperhydrosis, and save for a quick shot of botox to the wrists, this is the only way of rapid-fire drying a clammy palm.

Dianne Keaton lounging in the corner drinking her own-brand pinot noir and sporting some sort of divine turtleneck situation. She’s regaling our entourage with stories about Ann Demeulemeester, Annie Leibowitz … Annie Hall.

A board game nook for when Charlie wants to play Articulate because he’s feeling ‘chatty’.

A Nanas deep-dish apple crumble and a Magnum Ego mushed together in a little Donna Hay ramekin, served on a doily.

A trap door that leads to a speakeasy rave full of day-20 Dekmantel types in Guy Fawkes masks. A bleak reminder of the fragility of youth.

A hot nineties Tae Bo instructor with their own little team of spritely athleisure spunks ready to rev us up and wind us down.

Janet Jackson reading our horoscopes through an AMSR mic.

A self-starting Neutroebullet that magics enzyme-rich protein shakes out of broken dreams and empty air.

A cauldron full of Felix Felices.

We know.. waste culture but… wet ones.



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