Hi I’m Woodes! I’m an Australian artist based between Los Angeles and Melbourne, Australia. I’ve had my music in Netflixtrailers, on television shows, I’ve played at Splendour in the Grass, and have platinum certified songs here in Australia.


I love world building around my project and creating music videos & visuals that live in their own Woodes universe. I’m a producer and songwriter with Universal Music Publishing and I’m very proactive about getting female & nonbinary people into music production.


This year I’ve released two EPs, with the latest being an ode to my love of film and trailer music. It’s called Hibernation and it’s four songs that I wrote, inspired by my time emerging from lockdowns in Australia to moving to Los Angeles this year.




1. Cooked meals – Starting with the basics. We recently played the Rifflandia music festival in Canada and they had the most unreal backstage area. It was like what I’d imagine being on a cruise ship to be like. Just so cool. There were private chefs and multiple cuisines to choose from. Usually, I eat something small before the show and a big feast afterwards. Cooked hearty meals is such a luxury when you are on the road.


2. A local thing that is sweet or weird – could be a wine, or a pair of socks, or a really weird food thing that is specific to the area. I love when there is something cute that welcomes you. Even like a local area fact book. Maybe a bird book…


3. A list of local tips for the area – favourite national parks, weird restaurants, animal sightings, film locations in the city. I’ve done a self-guided ‘Gossip girl’ tour of New York City, A Lord Of The Rings tour of New Zealand. I love film locations!


4. Self Care zone – Massage, fresh black socks…a little foot bath? A steam room? That kinda thing would be cool if you were a super star. A small group of puppies? (as long as they were ok with being there)


5. Recently we played at a venue in Seattle and they had videos backstage and you could play video tapes on the TV. I love when venues have video games or little group activities. Like a group Mario sesh is pretty fun.


6. Dream rider basics…I love batteries, phone charger ports, pens, guitar tuner, a working printer. A gift of gaffa tape. Real stuff.


7. A place to sleep or nap alongside shower facilities. Literally,just your own bathroom is an amazing thing. Maybe my dreams are small. But being on tour the simple things are luxuries.


8. A note from a loved one on the mirror. One time one of my best friends did this at a Melbourne show because he couldn’t be there. It was nice having friendly faces in the mirror when you are far from home. Just a mug shot that said “Good luck”.


9. In hyper dream fantasy – a little magical potion that gave you eight hours of sleep.


10. On a similar note. a magical room that was just like your room at home…and your dogs are there. A portal back so you could be away and home at the same time.




Don’t Look Back

War Cry




Saturday October 21 – Euroa Music Festival

Friday October 27 – Sunshine Coast/Kabi Kabi Land, QLD*** TICKETS

Saturday October 28 – Brisbane/Meanjin, QLD*** TICKETS

Sunday October 29 – Gold Coast/Yugambeh Land, QLD*** TICKETS

Friday November 3 – Newcastle/Mulubinba, NSW*** TICKETS

Saturday November 4 – The Great Club, Sydney/Eora TICKETS

Sunday November 5 – Wollongong/Dharawal Land, NSW*** TICKETS

Wednesday November 8 – Canberra/Ngambri, ACT*** TICKETS
Friday November 10 – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne/Naarm TICKETS


***Sofar Sounds presents tour dates

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