Yi-Lynn works on Wurundjeri land and writes songs about family, gore and the apocalypse. She weaves together technical elements of folk, classical, indie and pop songwriting to lull the listener into a borderline-hypnotic state.


1. 5-10 portions of plain white rice, which is honestly the only thing I ever want to eat pre-show, and maybe forever (+/- eggs). Preferably the rice cooker is just finishing as we load in, so the room is full of delicious rice steam, which I understand is basically SK-II at 1/10,000 the price. Also so I don’t get food poisoning from bacillus cereus.

Please don’t try to cook it on the stove. I’ll pretend I don’t know, but I’ll know. 🙁

2. Aggressively fizzy soda water. Lightly sparkling does NOT cut it for me – I need to feel like I’m being attacked internally. No San Pel thanks – either 75c supermarket brand or the home carbonator of your choice (you need to hold the button down until you’re slightly scared).

3. 1x Tineco PURE ONE s11 bagless vacuum cleaner so I can vacuum my way to serenity.

4. 4x yoga mats so the band can collectively sort out our lower backs and Jasper can make bad puns (“You need to stretch PSOAS not to have lower back pain.”)

5. Minimum of two giant dogs. Preferably wire-haired (eg wolfhound or staghound) because I wear a lot of black. Bonus points if I can name them Ursula and Umami and take them home with me.

6. No cats.

7. Flattering soft warm light. Please disable every downlight in a 100m radius.

8. 1x long gold chain with jade circle pendant to replace the one I lost some time in 2021. Preferably procured for free as part of a deal haggled by my mum with a jeweller in southern China, for the vibe.

9. 1x Boggle set with 4x notepads (made of stapled together scrap paper) and 4x pens, so I can lose to my band who are all much better at Boggle than me.

10. 1,000,000x good vibes, obviously!

(will also accept a kettle for tea)


Yi-Lynn’s new EP Foul Water is out July 12.

She’s launching the release with a headline show at

The Gasometer Upstairs on August 19.

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