Scott Riley is a storyteller who knows intimately the trials and hard fought success of working the land. The West Australian songwriter draws on his connection to the land and for the past 17 years of performing and writing has cultivated his craft. It is now in 2019, that Scott has decided to share his first official single, Hard Luck.

A tireless worker, Scott had previously split his talent between covers and originals. In 2012, Scott made it through to the semi-finals of the Telstra Road to Discovery competition. The success of past winners, country music star Morgan Evans, and Jessica Mauboy, one of Australia’s top female artists, focusing his energy.

Having previously recorded several unreleased albums with which he shared at select moments. Scott travelled to the picturesque coastal city of Albany, WA to record his music. He enjoys bringing the music he makes to life. Produced by Michael Crannage, Scott Riley’s muse elicits tales of modern pressures, adjusting to life in the city, anxiety and restlessness, mental fatigue and mental health issues in the wider community.

Keenly aware of the dynamics of regional life, Hard Luck is about looking back on the adversity of growing up on a farm, while at the same time wishing it was possible and devising ways to save enough money to buy the property one day. The song has been described by Australian National Broadcaster Triple J’s Nkechi Anele as a country version of REM’s Losing My Religion.

With a full album under production, Hard Luck signifies Scott Riley’s pursuit of prosperity, knowing the value implicit in hard work and balancing the uncertainty in an honest toil. The sincerity in his voice illuminating the all too familiar conflict of doubt and determination only dispelled by Scott’s compassion, grit and unwavering dedication to song.

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