Enter Suzan Mutesi (pronounced Moo Tay-sey). This determined Ugandan Australian is committed to creating unique and authentic music, fashion and art that breathes deeply with healing, restoration and hope. Suzan seeks to give women the ability to feel confident, valued, loved as she delivers her empowering single The Feeling is Mutual.

Recorded in Australia, Suzan says that she wrote the tune to give hope to lovers, the secret crusher, shy and charismatic personalities to express their feelings through dance and the confessional lyric. Its light-footed dancehall vibe enticing you to be confident and carefree.

As a single woman, she has found the dating games challenging as people never speak up or express how they feel, it’s a waiting game until one builds up confidence. Love is relentless and the single The Feeling is Mutual brings two beating hearts together in the same breath, rhythm and intimacy.

‘Mutual is a great song one can dance to in the club, jam on during the drive to and from work – of course, perfect for weekend parties.’ – Suzan Mutesi

Suzan’s previous successes include holding number 30 on Chicago’s BMS Radio and performing alongside celebrity DJ Sarah at the The Box on valentine‘s day, whilst plus seen in some occasional TV and film work as well.

Suzan Mutesi’s entry leads the way in expressing your self-worth. The Feeling is Mutual dances straight up to the attraction declares its truth and is feels loved either way.

‘The Feeling is Mutual’ is available in digital stores from 29th of March.


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