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Egyptian-Australian artist ​Nardean​ returns with a new spellbinding single ​‘​MAGIC​!​’ featuring Heirloome​.

Produced by Stackhat, ‘​MAGIC!​’ sees ​Nardean​ effortlessly blend infectious life- affirming lyrics and bouncy, golden-era beats to forge her very own brand of unapologetic positivity.

“I’ve coined a new term,” says ​Nardean​. “I think my brand is ​coolked. ​It’s the perfect balance of cool and cooked.”


“I have been focusing more on music for live shows,” says ​Nardean​, “and I really wanted to write some cute and feel good tracks for this record. Having a crowd of people yell the word ‘magic’ really loudly at a show is one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

The track was inspired after her second trip to NYC, where she heard the drummer of a band tell everyone to turn to the person next to them and say “don’t hide your magic.” She fell in love with the moment, and so the song was born.

‘​MAGIC!​’ ​features ​Nardean’s​ best friend and ex-housemate, H​ eirloome​. It was written on the back porch of their place in Earlwood, Sydney and aided by a few glasses of wine.

This song is the first single off ​Nardean’s​ upcoming EP, due for release early next year. This record is a collaboration between herself and esoteric Sydney producer ​Stackhat​, who produced her break-out single, ‘Nothing Matters.’

Coming shortly will be a music video to accompany this feel good, bouncy tune promising magical visuals and Hogwarts vibes.

Nardean​ will be doing a string of shows, performing at ​The Beresford​ on the 8th November with ​Clarissa Mei ​as support, The ​Campbelltown Arts Centre​ on 23rd November for the Conscious Artist Showcase​, and in Melbourne on the 30th of November for ​Blue Black Beatz Festival.