International technical modern melodic death metal outfit ANCIENT SETTLERS were founded in 2020 by Carlos Chiesa-Estomba & Herman Riera (Ex- Haboryn), Rene González (Ex- Aesthesis), Emmy Reyes (Blackbeer, Ex- Gamalyel), and Antony Hämäläinen (Meridian Dawn, Ex- Nightrage & Armageddon), a group of musicians with more than fifteen-years of experience in the European and American metal circuit.

In 2021 the band signed to Crusader Records/Golden Robot records and set out on the trail to produce their monumental debut album Our Last Eclipse which will be released Digitally and on CD on April 1st.

ANCIENT SETTLERS have delivered three powerhouse singles in the lead up to their full-length gem; with ‘Library of Tears’ and ‘Cast in Gold’ both backed with animated Sci-Fi short film videos and Into the Depths I Ride’, featuring a cracking live and behind the scenes video clip.

ANCIENT SETTLERS’ debut album takes you from fast-paced, powerful melodic death metal to 80’s synthwave, and even all the way to catchy post-metal riffs, all bound together by a nostalgic Gothenburg influence. Lyrically, Our Last Eclipse is an invitation to walk alongside ANCIENT SETTLERS in their journey of facing the odds of leaving one’s motherland for a new unknown soil.


The band started their journey with the intention to explore the frontiers of modern melodic death metal, including catchy guitar riffs, the use of synths & keyboards, and a variety of different sounds and rhythms, trying to develop their own music personality.

From a lyrical point, the band gets inspired by the recent tragedies that affect the earth and human race. They try to spread their message over all those who want to listen.

Despite this, the band needed to modify their starting plans, due to the pandemic outbreak. They pushed ahead and in January of 2021, the band released their first digital single Diamond Eyes’, along-side a limited edition 7″ vinyl. The following February, the band released their debut album Autumnus. Both were recorded in Portugal, France, Spain and the USA, and requested the service of Daniel Cardoso (AnathemaAnneke Van Grisbergen) to mix & master the album, as well as Gus “Perkele” Sazes (AngraKamelotGus GFirewindArch Enemy) to design the artworks.

In April 2021, Miguel Herrera joined the band as a full-time bass player. The band started to develop a live-session tour, including venues throughout Portugal, France and Spain.  Ancient Settlers have just signed to Crusader Records to release their killer 10–song album, produced by worldwide Grammy awarded Fredrik Nordstrom.


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