and of Horses have released their highly anticipated new album, Things Are Great, out now via BMG. The album, features their first US #1 radio hit with “Crutch,” which the band performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last week.
Watch the performance here
The band has also shared the Ben Fee-directed video for newest single “Warning Signs,” the first song on Things Are Great, and perhaps the most emotionally evocative and revealing song on the record.
“Warning Signs” immediately calls into question the album title, as the raw and autobiographical content of the track wonders if things are actually great, and if they ever will be. 
Watch Warning Signs here
The song begins with an anxious and eerie chiming guitar and was born out of an incident in 2016, when Ben Bridwell lost his voice onstage at the Sydney Opera House, bringing him to tears in front of the Australian audience.  Bridwell explains, “I had gotten in a bad situation in Sydney, Australia—we were really overworking on that tour–and my voice went out and I actually cried at the Sydney Opera House onstage. I couldn’t sing and I just started weeping. And you can’t sing when you’re crying. It’s impossible. So that’s what the whole, like, crying at work thing was. I thought it seemed a bit universal. Everybody knows you’re not allowed to be emotional at your job, but I bet all of us have probably been through something like that.  But I think it hints at other things in my life, deeper problems that seemed unsolvable at the time. I think there’s probably a few in there. Neuroses that permeate the other songs as well.”
 “Warning Signs” joins previously released videos for “In Need Of Repair” and “Crutch” and an official lyric video for “Lights”.
Things Are Great TracklistingWarning SignsCrutchTragedy of the CommonsIn The Hard TimesIn Need of RepairAftermathLightsIce Night We’re HavingYou Are Nice To MeCoalinga

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