Lotsa news for you today my friends….

Yes, I’m finally announcing Australian tour dates – the “Parents Get High” tour in June! Its gonna be a blast. Gonna be playing tunes from my upcoming “I’m Fun!” album (coming out Aug 19 – last Covid delay I promise!) as well as old songs, crowd favs, weird covers and whatever else I feel like…Pre-sale starts Wednesday. Sign up for pre-sale here Shows officially go on sale Thursday morning 10am local time from THIS LINK To celebrate the tour I’ve also released another new track “Like This or Like That” today!!! It’s a song about being a fan, identity, binary choices, the Beatles vs the Stones, Nirvana vs Pearl Jam, Ben Lee vs Powderfinger 😉 😂 – small choices that kinda impact everything yet mean nothing in the cosmic scheme of things. Produced by me and Justin Stanley .You can hear the track HERE


Largo with Watkins Family Hour

If you’re in LA, come down to our beloved Largo at the Coronet on Thursday where Im gonna be doing some tunes with the most excellent Watkins Family along with other guests Monica Martin, Lisa Morales, Taylor Goldsmith and Chris Sullivan. TIX HERE!


My tiktok account has officially become an outlet for my personal insanity…

For those of you already following, you’ll get what I mean. For everyone else, my tiktok is the only place you can see me try and start a feud with Murray from the Wiggles, analyze Jack White’s statement about IKEA, and do a head banging challenge with my kid. Come on that is the content you need!!!

This is the vibe I’m feeling today. Stay strong, stay true, stay cheeky. Let me know if you dig the new tune and can’t wait to see ya out on the road!LoveBen


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