Diorama video for ‘The River, The Mountain’ out nowWatch the video here 

Benny helps to establish the inaugural Children’s Music AwardsWith key figures in the children’s music industry including Justine Clarke

With the release of his music, Benny Thatcher aka Benny Time, is fuelled with the empathy to reach not just some, but all children in the room by covering themes others won’t such as death and loss, social anxiety and identity.

A true kids music advocate, this support for all children despite their circumstances underlies his music, including the release of the diorama video for ‘The River, The Mountain’, a song featuring the multi award winning NZ act Itty Bitty Beats and taken from the “Benny and Friends” album.

You can watch the video, made by the multi-talented Benny and assisted by 10-year-old Frankie and 6-year-old Jay, here.

With his unique approach to creating music, it was a natural progression to see Benny collaborate with key figures in the children’s music industry to create Major Minor Music Australia (MMMA).

MMMA have just announced the inaugural Major Minor Music Awards will be held on 12 November 2022 at the Monkey Baa Theatre in Darling Harbour. Applications to enter are open now until September 9, with the nominees announced on September 12.

Benny said, My clips have all come from the idea of a do-it-yourself attitude. Originally out of financial necessity but more now out of the sheer joy I receive as a grown man making models.  It also gives me strong control over the things important to me, oh and I get to play with models, did I mention that? 

I feel this ‘do it yourself’ attitude is what lead ultimately to Major Minor Music. Australia’s children’s music scene is rich and disparate, and it needs an advocate. Someone to champion them and ensure they are celebrated. I’m more than happy to be that person.”

A group dedicated to supporting the Australian children’s music industry, the MMMA is also made up of Justine Clarke (Actor, Producer, children’s music artist and author, and Play School presenter), Lorna Clarkson (DJ, writer, and Senior Executive Producer: Kids and Families [LiSTNR & Kinderling]) and Lisa Barbagallo (Producer and Programmer of contemporary multi-arts programs for young audiences).

MMMA believes in the power of not only music and its ability to make us feel connected, but also in the importance of ensuring the children of our communities feel heard and represented, have agency over their own lives, and are empowered to be who they want to be. 

Listen to the “Benny and Friends” album herehttps://bennytime.com/https://www.facebook.com/bennytimemusichttps://www.instagram.com/bennytimemusic/https://www.youtube.com/c/Bennytime

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