In a profoundly commanding team up, pluralistic pop icons Boo Seeka and Golding have combined forces to create Don’t Waste Your Love, an irresistibly, powerful track that propels a dark human sadness and holds it up to the light, out now.

Tied to the single is the provoking film clip, directed by Jellan Merlant-Pilonchery of Clash Studio, featuring a cryptic, late night gathering with some unlikely friends.

Don’t Waste Your Love is inspired by both the multifaceted sounds of the lone artists and the culmination of their individual influences; think Chet Faker meets RÜFÜS DU SOL, Frank Ocean meets Glass Animals, Cashmere Cat meets Poolside. It’s a seductive dancefloor anthem with a measured delivery, dipping into an inner monologue to connect the track’s underlying plea for empathy. Speaking on the inspiration behind the track, Jay from Golding reflects, “Don’t Waste Your Love came about when I was going through a tough time. I was experiencing this uncomfortable anxiety that made me feel detached from both my surroundings and my emotions. Not being able to feel the love of my family around me created a shocking, yet somehow empty feeling, to the point where it was almost a physical numbness.”

There’s a special vulnerability to this track, fearless and unflinching, that pushes it further than the dancefloor – delicate and raw, the lyrics dig beneath the surface. Ben of Boo Seeka explains a moment of honesty between the artists, “Jay (Golding) and I were hanging out at his house one day and before we knew it, we were getting pretty deep and opening up about a lot of personal stuff that has happened in our separate lives over the last year. I guess for both of us the best way to deal with that stuff is to write about it – so that’s exactly what we did. The whole song was written in twenty minutes.”

The video for Don’t Waste Your Love evokes a sense of curiosity as it unfolds, ultimately leaving viewers with a thoughtful message; don’t be bluffed by your own fear. The clip reflects on emotional disconnect, a situation where you may be surrounded by people, yet feel so alone. Musing on the ideas behind the video, Matt from Golding affirms, “The clip captures Jay, Ben, Mikey and I acting normal whilst surrounded by mannequins at a party. It’s like how you’d act if you did have anxiety at an event, you just pretend like everything is fine but inside your head is like a storm brewing. The clip serves as a reminder to be in the moment and try and enjoy yourself in situations like this.”

Boo Seeka are in the thick of writing their sophomore record that will be released before the year is out, and Golding have plans to finalise their EP towards the end 2021. There are no official plans as yet for these artists to head out together on the road, but fans are sure to be keeping an eye out after this hint from Golding; “There could be a few appearances during some Boo Seeka sets…maybe.”

Don’t Waste Your Love

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