Boo Seeka has announced a pulsing new single Finish What You Started, an electronic pop/dance track that transports the listener to better times, out today, February 17. Finish What You Started follows the sparkling, nostalgic Dream released late last year, and is another taste of the upcoming second album from Boo. After hitting the summer festival circuit over December last year and with For The Love set to storm the Gold Coast, Wollongong, Melbourne and Perth in February and March, Finish What You Started is the first new song from Boo Seeka for 2022.

‘There’s a miracle out there for the finding” – it’s the kind of lyric that sends goosebumps down the spine, particularly after the last two years of hardship and trauma. Finish What You Started is actually quite a motivational track, and not in a forceful way – gentle, persuasive and inspirational, Boo encourages the listener to continue the work, to continue chasing dreams despite how hard it can get. Evocative of early 2010s indies Two Door Cinema Club and The Strokes, smooth electronic beats mesh flawlessly with guitar and Boo’s stunning falsetto. It’s easy to imagine Finish What You Started playing on the stereo in the car on the way down to the beach during an Aussie summer.

It’s a personal one for Boo, who has had to navigate a lot of cancelled and rescheduled plans throughout the pandemic, as most musicians have. Finish What You Started is a call to keep going, as he explains, “We are all uncertain and sometimes scared in these crazy times, and we don’t know what the future holds. However, we all should keep chasing all the things that make us happy and define who we are. Always finish what you start no matter how long it takes – always follow your dreams.”

Finish What You Started joins the recent slew of new singles from Boo Seeka – the floaty, sweet Dream, and the affecting, emotional acoustic track Tripwire – as audiences begin to see the vision of the highly anticipated second album, due for release in 2022. There’s no release date set as yet – but if fans want to catch new music from Boo Seeka first, they’re set to perform at For The Love hitting Gold Coast, Wollongong, Melbourne and Perth over the next few months, with new and old faves punctuating the setlist. Speaking about the upcoming shows, and the hardships they’ve overcome in order to perform at all, Boo says, “There’s been so many setbacks and walls to climb over to even make these festivals happen. I really hope that the powers that be start to recognise the damage that they are doing to this industry. However, everyone that is involved from the punters, artists, organisers, owners, and everyone else involved… we will be back and it is going to be a big old party.”

Finish What You Started is out now.

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