Born Lion dont mind covering certain subjects that others wouldn’t touch with the proverbial barge pole! Always looking for an edge, Born Lion’s frontman, John Bowker was curious about how you could turn a suicide note into a song and make it upbeat. New single, ‘Sunshine’ is the result of his experiment.
“The lyrics are written to read as a suicide note. The person writing the note is fine with the decision however and is ready to go. The song serves as a celebration for all that has been and for all that awaits.”
– John Bowker vocals/guitar)

This curious songwriting approach into a dark subject, has been juxtaposed by the upbeat sonic feel of the song and the song title ‘Sunshine’.
“I’m kind of fascinated by the act of suicide. Like how can someone reach that point and carry it out? I think the deaths of icons like Chris Cornell and Keith Flint who seem almost immortal to me, triggered the theme for the song.’’
– John Bowker (vocals/guitar)

‘Sunshine’ comes off the back of the the band’s previous single ‘Bigger Than Jesus’.
‘Bigger Than Jesus’ followed last years sophomore full-length album, Celebrate the Lie produced by Jimmy Balderstone (Luca Brasi, High Tension) and mixed by Ryan Hazell (The Drones, Green Buzzard).
“This album will provide you with much gnarly enjoyment’. ‘Celebrate the Lie’ combines angsty punk-rock, frenetic hardcore and unapologetic monstrous pop-hooks, to deliver on what is quite simply a straight up, raucous, no bull-shit, razor-sharp rock n’ roll record.”
‘Sunshine’ was engineered by Jason Blackwell (Midnight Oil, The Hard-Ons), Matthew Hilley, and mixed and mastered by Forrester Savall (Karnivool, Shihad).



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