Did they figure out that stupid shit in NSW yet? Trying to pass that law so it’s impossible to put on a concert? Make it hard for people to go and see live music? That is the stupidest fu*king thing I have ever heard in my whole life! What could make a community better than everyone going out to see live music?… Live music forever for the people!” Flea – Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Watch the Red Hot Chilli Peppers add their voice to save live music here:

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no, they have not figured it out. They have skipped every step of Best Practice when introducing the new festivals license, ignored multiple requests for consultation from a number of industry bodies, and changed the rules and regulations on the fly to manage bad media headlines.

126,000 people have signed the Change.org petition, and over 10,000 signatures have been collected on the physical petition, which means Don’t Kill Live Music has ensured that the petition can be published in the NSW Parliamentary Hansard and debated in the House. Further, the Ministers responsible for the subject areas of the DKLM petition will be required to respond to the issues DKLM raises within 35 days after the petition has been received.

On February 28th, at 6.40pm Gladys Berejiklian’s Government finally released the regulations and guidelines for the music festival license, that came into effect from March 1st.

Over 10,000 music fans rallied in Hyde Park to stand up for music, multiple industry bodies including Live Performance Australia, Australian Festival Association, MusicNSW, and APRA AMCOS have repeatedly requested in-depth consultation with policy makers…. all voices have been ignored. The NSW Government has made it very clear they do not care what their constituents think or feel and have no respect for live music.

Our fight is still far from over. We cannot have a State Government that is willingly killing our access to music and culture. The Berejiklian Government have made it very clear they will do everything in their power to kill live music in NSW. DKLM & the music community have lost confidence in the Berejiklian LNP govt.

The biggest opportunity to make our voices heard now lies just ahead in the NSW State Election. Don’t miss your chance to fight for the music we all love.

1. Enroll to Vote
To make your voice heard this election make sure you are enrolled at the right address! Check your enrolment here > https://bit.ly/2uHVjhN

2. Learn About Each Party’s Music Policy
You should cast your vote for the candidate that has the best music policies, and the best outcomes for music festivals. For an up-to-date register of each party’s music policies, check out MusicNSW’s Election Report Card > https://bit.ly/2Bp8Yk6

3. Let Politicians Know Music is Important To You
Politicians go wherever there are votes – so let them know this is an election issue for you. They have to respond to you – so ask them any questions you like! Find the details of any state politician here > https://bit.ly/2f2G39l

4. Tell Everyone You Know
Talk to every NSW voter you know & tell them why you’re voting to protect music in this state! Not just your family & friends, make sure you make your voice heard with those who may not already be supportive of our cause.

5. Get Out & VOTE on March 23
Applications for postal and online voting are already open, or simply attend a local voting station on the day. To make your vote count make sure you number ALL your preference – not just your number 1 vote! Full instructions > https://bit.ly/2XAbgX2

The petition is up to 126,000 – add your signature to demand the Berejiklian government stop killing live music HERE.

Don’t let the Berejiklian LNP Government kill live music

Don’t sit back and watch them ruin NSW.


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