A bouquet of alternative pop and powerful emotives, the brand new single Flowers from Perth artist Eli Greeneyes, out today, is a warm and intimate step ever-closer to the impending release of the Eli Greeneyes self-titled debut EP, set for release on Monday December 12. Also accompanied by a feel-good performance music video, Flowers is a pristine and polished delight, an introspective song, bursting with fresh pop textures.

A glistening elaboration of Eli Greeneyes’ increasingly genre fluid trademark sound, Flowers has previously been a track witnessed and beloved at live shows, with the new tune itself also drawing broad inspiration from the likes of Prince, Aretha Franklin, Adele and The 1975. Written, produced and mixed entirely by Eli Greeneyes, Flowers is a raw, warm and soulful blast, equally confessional and empowered, while also showcasing a real-life experience, as Eli Greeneyes explains, “I was given flowers in a relationship which at first I felt really weird about. It seemed like there was an underlying meaning, but I pushed it aside as me being problematically masculine. So, I enjoyed the beautiful gesture only to later find out there was an underlying meaning. The person I was with bought me flowers because they thought I would mirror their actions and spoil them more.”

Having previously released a string of conceptual music videos earlier in his career, the accompanying music video for Flowers instead showcases Eli Greeneyes and his band entirely immersed in their creative element, performing and giving in to the effervescent track with fittingly cheerful surroundings for good measure. “Ben Matei (who directed Flowers), and I decided we’d done a lot of concept videos and hadn’t made a fun performance video with my band. It is essentially just that, a performance video in a cool space with my band; Madi Hanley on drums, Lachie Hanley on guitar, and me just throwing shapes and having a good time, I guess!”.

Via the swooning new tune, Eli Greeneyes has continued to showcase his energetic and immersive sonic wares, with 2022 also offering the hypnotic track People and swoon-worthy tune Not Enough. And with his forthcoming new self-titled EP, mastered by Simon Struthers at Forensic Audio, Eli Greeneyes tackles multiple genres and his own insecurities, emerging with an upbeat, deeply creative and resonating collection of songs that took him enjoyably outside of his comfort zone. “I wrote, produced and mixed the EP by myself alone in my home studio in my parents’ spare room,” reveals Eli Greeneyes of his new EP. “It was something I haven’t done before and was a bit scared to do, but I have really enjoyed the process of being self-reliant and not asking too many people what they think of what I’m making. I feel quite free. It’s been great to get back into playing all the instruments and being, for the most part, pretty uncomfortable and freaking out if it’s good enough…..if I’m good enough. Stylistically, the EP is quite diverse, it’s all about having fun and leaning into the overall genre-blurring pop vibe that I’ve been creating.”

With a voice that could melt butter on a winter’s day, irresistible authenticity and a knack for genres that simultaneously nod to the past, present and future with an effortless balance, Eli Greeneyes has been continuously turning heads via his alternative sonic wares centred around messages of identity and power, alongside a gamut of oscillating influences. Originally starting life in a small bedroom in Melbourne in 2020, Eli Greeneyes’ ultimate creative identity emerged from a desire to deftly offset angst and passion, going on to work with Australian hip hop icon Drapht on his album Shadows and Shinings, and also finding himself named as one of the ‘Top 25 Acts Around The Country To Watch’ by TheMusic.com.au back in 2021.

Recently performing a string of shows in Perth armed with his new single, the wait is nearly over to witness the magic of Eli Greeneyes’ debut EP in full. But for now, his sublime new track is out and about to charm your ears; and he couldn’t be happier. “It’s a release in every sense of

the word,” Eli Greeneyes concludes of finally sharing Flowers to the world beyond the stage. “I’ve been holding onto this song for a very long time. it always gets a fun reaction at shows, and it’s so great to release Flowers and the full EP,”

Flowers is out today, Monday November 28.

Eli Greeneyes self-titled EP is out Monday December 12.


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