Post-Hardcore legends Emecia are today presenting their new single ‘Jouska’. It’s most definitely an odd title for a song, and potentially a word most will not have encountered before – though the meaning of the word is one just about everyone in existence has experienced or does daily!

A Jouska is: “…a hypothetical conversation that you play out over and over in your head. For example, replaying an argument in your head where you say all the right things and “win” the argument, or practicing asking your boss for a raise and playing out his or her responses and your comebacks.” A la George Costanza’s over-analysed “Jerk Store” comeback in Seinfeld.

The new single drops this Friday September 10th and can be pre-saved at The track features guest vocals from Nathan Stuckey from fellow Adelaide-ians 23/19.

Vocalist Scott Middlin said that this new single is about the fact that “Nothing lasts forever: Life, Love etc. Nothing is permanent. The song is about trying to block out negative views, thoughts and trying to carry on with life, and simply appreciating everything that you already have.”

Having released their previous single Afterlives 2 months ago, the outfit received praise from the UK’s The Alt Club, with them saying that the band were like “…Blessthefall and Like Moths To Flames, Adelaide’s Emecia are a post-hardcore force to be reckoned with…the band channel every single thing that was great about the genre when it was at its peak in the 2000s. ” Hysteria Mag also said that Afterlives was “…yet another blistering blend of post-hardcore and punk-rock – huge in our books!”

The quartet debuted in 2013 with their EP ‘Pariah’, are renowned for their high-energy live show, and have honed their craft by playing countless shows locally and abroad on many tour circuits, having played alongside heavyweights such as Closure In Moscow, In Hearts Wake, Allday and Chiodos (just to mention a diverse few.)

Emecia are Scott Middlin on Vocals, Trevor Lehmann on Guitar, Nicholas Evans on Bass and Brayden McPherson on Drums.

‘Jouska’ is out Friday September 10th and can be purchased/streamed at

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