New Album, The Hope, Out This Friday
Sensitive Video for Title Track Released

Nottingham folk rockers, Ferocious Dog will release their new album, The Hope, this
Friday, October 15 via Graphite Records.

The epitome of political British folk punk. Ferocious Dog are highly politicised, campaigning, fund raising, socially conscious and compassionate while being instantly familiar and catchy as hell, never has the revolution sounded so powerful!

The band have just released the album’s sombre title track. The music video for which has some sensitive scenes and view discretion is advised.

The Hope tackles the topic of mental health head on in a hard hitting emotionally charged and graphic video that pulls no punches

Please watch the video here

The band comment on the song; “The Hope is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a song that shows you when things are at their very darkest, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. There’s always help, there’s always hope! The subject matter is probably at it’s most poignant right now with what’s happening with the world.”

Equally hard hitting single ‘Broken Soldier’ was released in conjunction with UK Veteran organisation, Combat Stress. The band encouraged fans to donate what they can to help veterans and Ferocious Dog themselves donated £5000 from the Lee Bonsall Memorial Fund. The ‘Broken Soldier’ video was awarded BEST MUSIC VIDEO at the Europe Film Festival.
Watch it here.

Tragedy is part of the Ferocious Dog story – Frontman Ken Bonsall’s son Lee served in Afghanistan from the age of 18 and struggled with PTSD on his return to civilian life. Aged just 24, Lee took his own life. His story formed part of a BBC Panorama documentary which brought the issue of PTSD to attention for the first time. Many of the band’s songs commemorate Lee and young men like him suffering the trauma from their experiences.

Ferocious Dog frontman Ken Bonsall stood as a trade unionist & socialist coalition candidate in the recent UK local council elections and is also an official Ambassador for Sea Shepherd the international non-profit marine wildlife conservation organization.

The band are the only unsigned band to twice sell out the main room of the UK’s Nottingham Rock City (1800 capacity) Fans were asked to bring donations for food banks to the show which resulted in seven vans full of help for the needy!

The Hope’s first single Pentrich Rising tackles the subject of the last English Revolution with scenes filmed at Derby Gaol also the scene of the last beheading in England.

The Hope is released on Friday!
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