Independent hip hop label, Fight Music, are launching their biggest tour to date.
An invitation to ‘Run With The Wolves’ this March/April through-out Australia and New Zealand. Featuring the whole roster, the wolves are celebrating 5 years of building La Revolution.
Unapologetically underground, FM is emerging as an icon in the Australian music industry. The mammoth line up includes Viking N3, ALPHAMAMA, Jinz Moss,Nardean, Raw Collective and BAD MATH
with support from Ursa 13.
Pouncing into the mainstream despite their heavy underground following, the movement is growing. The fans or ‘WolfPac’ will get to experience the spectrum of sound and vision of the label. A carnival of conscious carnivores destroying the stage. Cannibalising themselves as they eat their own egos and sacrifice their souls to their highest calling. The artistry. Progressive themes, unique flows, innovative beats and captivating live shows.
According to label owner Rhys Satchell, Fight music is a home for the rebels and the free people.
“It’s bigger than just the music. Even though all the artists are so diverse, with different messages, the collective intention is the same. We want to deepen our connection with each other and with our fans. Because Fight Music has always had a strong message and purpose.” he said.
This unique tour is a juxtaposition of worlds. From violent viking to self-deprecating comedy, to strong feminism and self-love activism. It’s a potent mix of seemingly random ideas blended together with total conviction.
2018 was FM’s most successful year to date, with each artist sporting a hefty resume of power house releases and relentless touring. With over 155,000 social media followers and 1 million views/streams across all music platforms, their fans are set for a monumental tour.
22/03.2019 // Shark Bar // Gold Coast
23/03/2019 // Backroom // Brisbane
29/03/2019 // The Grace Darling // Melbourne
30/03/2019 // Factory Floor // Sydney
5/04/2019 // Meow // Wellington // NZ
6/04/2019 // Whammy Bar // Auckland // NZ

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