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Following the success of their infectious singles ‘No Sofas’, ‘Switch’, ‘Juggathon’, and ‘Century’
hitting screens Australia wide after being added to MTV Australia’s rotation, the trailblazing West
Australian hip hop trio of Figuero Jones, Black Napoleon and ErikiBeatz (K9INES) have
announced their highly anticipated collaborative 9 track project ‘Gully SZN’ is scheduled for release
Friday, July 5 th via Day Ones Records.

As a result of the architects behind the EP ‘Gully SZN’ being exposed to varying environments,
cultures and upbringing from across the world, the K9INES music evolves into a dynamic, hard
hitting, rhythmic and progressive sound that represents and displays the cumulative conflicts,
frustrations, and grind of having come up from nothing and having to earn your keep.
‘Gully SZN’ hopes to shake up and offer something new not only to the growing and emerging
Australian hip hop landscape, but also to the global hip hop market. K9INES also hopes that the
project cements itself as a pillar and foundation of their future releases.

The listeners can expect another music video on the way for the infectious, melodic, and bouncy
banger ‘Shakey’ that sees Figuero and Napoleon exchange fun but surgical braggadocio bars over
ErikiBeatz production. Venturing away from their more well known hard hitting anthems, ‘Shakey’
displays the trios versatility but also exhibits a more playful, wavy sound that will keep heads
nodding and bouncing the whole way through.

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