Full Tilt Festival, due to be held on Saturday 29th of January at Adelaide Showground, has been cancelled due to the reintroduction of the South Australian Government’s COVID restrictions. Full Tilt organisers have been working tirelessly and were excited to present a COVID-safe festival by following the guidelines that were set to come into place on December 28th in-line with the Government of South Australia’s 90% vaccinated reopening plan.With yet another change in COVID policies and with the government backtracking on all its earlier promises on density and outdoor gathering limitations, presenting the event in just two weeks was simply unrealistic.Promoter Chris O’Brien said “We simply can’t run Full Tilt in a seated format, and a postponement into a time where we have zero confidence in the state government to remain true to their word has forced this decision. We are devastated for the artists, contractors, crew and event staff who will all miss out on the income, many of whom have barely worked since March 2020. We are also gutted for the thousands of fans that have purchased tickets and were looking forward to Full Tilt”

All Full Tilt ticket-holders will be refunded in full.

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