With massive moments of idiosyncratic and industrial electronic-punk, Melbourne’s Dole Manchild’s ‘HOT CHOCOLATE!’ is about taking comfort in simple pleasures among the chaos.

Written during lockdown, when Melburnian’s only respite was a take-away from the local cafe, ‘HOT CHOCOLATE!’ rallies against the 1%, the cost of living for modern youth, and the deep disconnect between politicians and our community. It’s huge, heavy, and heaving with hard-hitting protest punk, unique upbeat electronica, and Dole’s characteristic lyrical cheek with a bizarro music video to boot.Following the feature of their ‘Happy Couples’ music video on Rage, once again Dole Manchild collaborate with local artists to serve up their third thematic music video, ‘choc’-full of the experimental, critical, and absurd humour Dole is known for.Mixed and mastered by Calum Newton (Candy), ‘HOT CHOCOLATE!’ is yet another taste of Dole Manchild’s forthcoming sophomore EP, a formidable fusion of explosive electronica and frenetic garage punk aptly titled ‘YEAR OF THE DOLE’. And it goes down a treat.

Dole Manchild is the singular vision of frontman Dan Blitzman of former punk project Tall Relatives. The dynamic and interactive live act takes on a life of its own, varying anywhere from six to eight members hand-picked from the local music community while regularly collaborating with local multidisciplinary artists.With sold-out shows across Melbourne, features on Spotify’s ‘Local Noise’ playlist and Rage, and sharing stages with bands such as the Stimpies, Good Sniff, and Tax Evaders, you’re not going to want to take your eyes off the Dole. NEXT SHOW:23 APRIL @ SINGING BIRDDOLE MANCHILD + STIMPIES + GOOD SNIFF


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