Introducing¬†Erthlings, the Sydney four piece who today share their debut single ‚ÄėBridges‚Äô.

Erthlings are Issy (vocals, keys), Jessame (guitar), Taylor (bass) and Lissa (drums) Рfour girls that came  together  at  a  music  school  in  inner-city Sydney  at  age  8,  started  writing  songs  by  the  time  they  were  9  and  now,  aged 16,  are  ready  to  share  their  sound.

Their  bond  has  made  their  music  an  innately  collaborative  process. Issy  and Taylor  are  cousins;  Jess,  Taylor  and  Lissa  attended  primary  school  together. All  four  are  intimately  involved  in  every  track,  from  perfecting  each  guitar  riff through  to  the  lyrics  they  pen  together.

The most recent management and label signing to¬†Future Classic, Erthlings‚Äô indie-pop ¬†songs¬† are¬† built¬† from ¬†both¬† electronic¬† and¬† live ¬†sounds.¬† Some¬† tracks¬† leave¬† open ¬†space¬† for¬† Issy‚Äôs¬† icy¬† vocals¬† to¬† take centre ¬†stage,¬† others¬† ramp¬† up¬† the¬† drums¬† and¬† bass¬† or ¬†centre¬† on¬† woozy¬† guitar strums.¬† The¬† songs¬† are¬† also ¬†informed¬† by¬† vocalist¬† Isabelle‚Äôs¬† synaesthesia ‚ÄĒ a rare¬† neurological ¬†condition¬† that¬† allows¬† her¬† to¬† associate¬† colours¬† with¬† certain musical ¬†notes.

Everything ¬†Erthlings¬† write ¬†draws¬† from¬† personal ¬†experience,¬† vignettes¬† of ¬†the things¬† they‚Äôve¬† seen¬† and ¬†those¬† they‚Äôve¬† lived¬† through.¬† Some ¬†tracks¬† are¬† full¬† of attitude,¬† strength, ¬†empowerment¬† and¬† sass.¬† Others¬† delve¬† into ¬†frustration, disappointment,¬† failed¬† friendships ¬†and¬† bridges¬† burned ‚ÄĒ experiences¬† given voice¬† by ¬†four¬† young¬† women¬† who¬† won‚Äôt¬† be¬† boxed¬† in. ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs ¬†never¬† been ¬†a¬† weird¬† thing ¬†for¬† us¬† that¬† we‚Äôre ¬†a¬† young,¬† all-female¬† band. ¬†We‚Äôve¬† never¬† thought¬† about¬† it ¬†twice,‚ÄĚ says ¬†Issy.¬† The ¬†themes¬† Erthlings ¬†write¬† about, she¬† thinks, ¬†are¬† universal. ‚ÄúI ¬†think ¬†we‚Äôre¬† doing ¬†what¬† most¬† people ¬†in¬† music¬† are doing. ¬†We‚Äôre¬† just¬† trying¬† to ¬†write¬† about¬† what¬† we¬† know.‚ÄĚ

Erthlings will play their debut shows at this year’s Bigsound and will be supporting G Flip across her Sydney dates this September, see dates and details below.


Wed 5 Sept –¬†Laruche @ 8:10 – 8:40PM¬†(Bigsound)¬†–¬†Brisbane
Thurs 6 Sept –¬†The Foundry @ 9:10 – 9:40PM¬†(Bigsound)¬†–¬†Brisbane
Wed 12 Sept –¬†The Lansdowne (supporting G Flip)¬†– Sydney
Thurs 13 Sept –¬†The Lansdowne ¬†(supporting G Flip) – Sydney
Fri 14 Sept –¬†The Lansdowne (supporting G Flip)¬†– Sydney